Merdouma: an ancestral blackening straightening natural product


Natural relaxer!!

Hello to all natural products addict :))

Merdouma: an ancestral blackening straightening product; a 100 % natural relaxer

My name is Ines Khalsi, I am 32 and I a Tunisian (North Africa).

Through this blog, I want to introduce an ancestral Tunisian product, a natural relaxer: the merdouma. My goal is to bring some clarifications on the subject, discard wrong ideas and respond to any question.

So, What is the Merdouma?

It is a straightening or relaxing product, 100 % free from chemical products.

It has been used since hundreds of years by Tunisian women to dye hair in black and relax them. It not only straightens hair but it also makes them smooth and relaxed.

Merdouma is made of consists of galls, of cloves, iron, henna (or not), plants or olive oil and some salt.

However, even though one knows the exact recipe of Merdouma, it requires a great experience to manage it to cook it in the right way.

Tunisian elders carefully kept the secret of cooking merdouma  J

Good to know:

YES: After applying the merdouma, you will get black, smooth and relaxed hair.

YES: The merdouma gives a black color, however you can control for the black color intensity by adding henna, it goes from deep black to chocolate black (brown-black).

YES: merdouma is quite difficult to rinse but it is really worth doing it!!

YES: you can apply merdouma on chemically treated hair

NO: you can not apply chemical products on hair previously treated with Merdouma

YES: at the beginning merdouma has a strong smell but it is not necessarily bad J It is mainly cloves, it fades away after two or three washes.

NO:  Merdouma does not cause hair breakage unless chemical products are applied on it. The pace and number of applications depends on the hair nature. It differs from one individual to another. It is possible to re-apply merdouma after 3 weeks.

I have used this natural relaxer, Merdouma, since three years. It turned my very frizzy, rebel, Mediterranean hair into smooth and soft hair. Then, I decided to sell merdouma. An old mummy prepares it for me. I sell it under the form of black powder which can be kept for years.

To apply merdouma, you only have to add water to this water and cook it on low heat for ½ hour. Anyway, you will have a manual explaining in very detailed steps how to use merdouma.

Pay attention, a fake merdouma is sold on Internet, it blackens hair but it does not straightens it.


Merdouma powder                                          Merdouma-treated hair


Galls                                                                   Cloves                                                             Iron


Henna                                                              Raw Merdouma

Merdouma package:


Tip: Girls who have very frizzy roots like me are adviced to re-apply merdouma after two weeks to obtain anoptimal effect.

To Order: you can process your order by sending an email to this address: You will be delivered all the needed steps to process your order


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